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CHDA CH GR CH of TD CH's J Cross' Viper

"Hell on wheels" is the easiest way to describe this sleek ball of fire. She loves to bay and has a nose that is superb. Viper is making quite a nice woods cow dog, is showing promise as a hog dog and loves to tree coons. She has nice conformation, but could use better "ears" for that extra pizzaz for the show ring. Look for her in the 2008/2009 NALC show season, she's sure to carry on the tradition of all around excellence. Viper has a get in your face and make you like it attitude on cattle and hogs, she's taken quite a few beatings baying cattle and still doesn't back down. Her show career will continue in hog baying and treeing events only, after taking a hit that spine shocked her, then asking for more, she's just too up close and personal for the cowdog trials.

Viper has 67 CHDA Championship points in A Bay and her Hog Dog Champion title, 34 NALC Championship points in B Bay and 44 in Treeing and her Tree Dog Champion title

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