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At J Cross, we use our dogs penning cattle, hog hunting and competition cowdog trials and hog baying, the 
same ones we lead in the show ring. The versatility of the Catahoula breed is uncanny, we hope to continue 
proving that through generations to come. The desire to please, the willingness to give and the determination 
to complete a job and know it's well done, that's what we want to see today and tomorrow. Thank you for 
visiting our site. If we can ever be of service, we're but a phone call away.


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J Cross Catahoulas is a dream we're seeing come to reality. We took an ordinary pack of "cow dogs" to a show for fun....and BOY! What a ride it's been. It's been a lot of fun showing to earn 23 championship titles with our personal dogs and 12 earned by dogs we have sold - hopefully, there's more to come.  Thank you for visiting our site. If we can ever be of service, we're but a phone call away.

In February 1993, we began breeding for Catahoulas with an extreme working drive for our own personal use. Our need for a dog that can find cattle in the woods and bay for extended periods is the sole driving force for breeding, as we use our dogs in our daily business penning cattle for the general public. It is necessary to have a good tempered dog that is "hot" enough to stay when the cattle are rough and soft enough to bay when the cattle are already dog broke. We soon learned that not only are they exceptional cow dogs, but they can excel in any endeavor.

We began hog hunting and found that the same cow drive we'd bred for produced excellent hunting dogs. From there, it snowballed. Justin, my son, became interested in competition hog baying. In August of 2002, we formally named our kennel and began offering for sale a few pups with the J Cross name.

Through selective breeding of proven working stock, we have been able to not only do the day to day work, penning cattle or hog hunting, we've been able to show that it is possible to breed one dog for all jobs. While we immensely enjoy showing our catahoulas in the different venues, and are mightily proud of the titles they've earned, we refuse to hang our hat on just a title. However, it is with great pride that we announce, EVERY J Cross Catahoula shown to date has earned NALC Championship points in some venue, without exception.

We've borrowed this quote from our Canadian friends at Cross Check Catahoulas, simply spoken, it says volumes.

"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be. Performance indicates what the animal actually is." - Anonymous

At Catahoulaville, it's in the field, when it's all on the line, where we expect excellence.  Without it, it's only a trail ride.

The home of:
Comb Ch Happy Hollow's Rambler
CHDA HD-A CH/NALC Comb Ch J Cross' Cinder
HD-B Ch Happy Hollow's Summer Breeze
CHDA HD-A CH/SEXT GR CH of CH's J Cross' Checkers
NALC SEPT GR CH of CH's/UKC CH J Cross' Mr. Twister
CHDA HD-A CH /GR CH of TD CH's J Cross' Viper
Dbl Ch J Cross' On Target
UWP J Cross' Slinky
Comb Ch J Cross' MeMeMe

Also breeders of:

QUAD GRCH of CH's/UKC GRCH/CRB CH J Cross' Ammunition

UKC CH J Cross' Halo

Dbl Ch/Cnd Ch J Cross' Revolution

Setting the standard for the next generation of excellence.

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