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HD-B Ch Happy Hollow's Summer Breeze

Copperthite's Happy Hollow's Boureé x Happy Hollow's Lacie
February 27, 2003 - December 6, 2009

OFA Good

Summer was an outstanding cow dog, woods hog dog, pen bay dog with tons of go and drive with amazing heart and focus. She has multiple points towards NALC Championships in multiple events. Please see the awards page for a list of some of her career wins. Summer's pups are working in the woods like amazing athletes and showing like crazy. Out of the 3 litters she's whelped, there have been 10 pups shown, those pups have earned in the neighborhood of 300 NALC and CHDA points toward various Championships.


As of May 2008 and her retirement from competition, Summer had earned 26 NALC Championship points in Conformation, 16 in A Bay and 55 B Bay and her B Bay CH status, as well as 10th overall in 2007 ABDR World Standings

One of the cornerstones of J Cross Catahoulas, Summer will be incredibly missed. Her rock steady temperament, her unbelievable heart and drive is a notch on the bar with which we measure our pack. Successful in EVERY facet, whatever the task, she never once let me down.

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