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J Cross' Full Tilt

Comb Ch Cross Check's CowPuncher x DBL Ch J Cross' MeMeMe

Whelped May 6, 2012

OFA Pending

Tilt has shown an out of the box flair that is almost scary. Hunting out over 600 yards his first trip makes us think he'll mature into a very long ranged dog. His first hog, a 180 lb boar hog was an exciting ride. He was there for the jump, stop and bay - from start to finish. He's extremely fast for a small male and moves a track with an insane style and speed. It's spooky to see so much talent in a young dog. Tilt is not a friendly dog at home, he's very serious about protecting what's his, but is far more tolerant than we expected in public situations. He's not one to assume doesn't mean business, in the woods, field or at home. He's very patient in a wound tight package and displays that in everything he does. He'll tree, hunt hogs, hunt cows or lead in the show ring.....if he only had "pretty" ears.

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