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Dbl Ch J Cross' MeMeMe

Dbl Ch J Cross' On Target x UWP J Cross' Slinky
Whelped April 2, 2010

OFA Pending

MeMe is turning out to be a little spitfire. She loves to bay a hog, and is very handy on cattle, with extreme stopping power and circle to let. She's got a ton of heart and zero back up. Right off the bat she displayed her grit and determination, breezing through surgery for a blockage before she was 4 months old, compliments of a chipmunk she caught and swallowed whole. We expect MeMe to continue on the path of excellence and possibly become the cornerstone of the next generation of working dogs here at Catahoulaville. Her "can do" personality with a big dose of divaness gave her her name, we expect it to also set her on a path of excellent work. She is most definitely the brat of the pack, and loves every minute of it.  MeMe's only litter, sired by Comb CH Cross Check's CowPuncher have certainly met the standard for working excellence at J Cross.  As MeMe nears her retirement from the trialing venues, her legacy continues in the trials and woods through J Cross' Full Tilt and J Cross' MeeTwo, two handy dogs that have proven the genetics are alive and well.  As of 9/2015, MeMe has met the requirements for NALC Champion status in Treeing and B-Bay, she will retire from competition at the close of the 2015 season by competing for Champion of Champions and Grand Champion of Champions at NALC Nationals in April 2016.

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