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UWP J Cross' Slinky

CHDA CH SEXT GR CH J Cross' Checkers x Facahatchee's Fargo
Whelped December 28, 2005

OFA Good

Slinky is very gamey and likes to bay anything. Look for her down the road at the NALC shows in conformation and working events. She will be shown some in the 2010/2011 season. Slinky has an amazing nose for a catahoula, intense focus and very high drive, but maintains a very even temperament with her people. Slinky is not a big fan of strangers but tolerates them just fine when told to do so. She has super tracking and baying ability in and out of the arena but is a little rough on cattle and hogs, with the heart to take a beating and keep working until the job is finished.

As of 5/08 Slinky has 5 NALC Championship points in Conformation, 12 in B Bay and 2 in Treeing with very limited showing. She has a United Weight Puller title with UKC

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