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CHDA CH SEXT GRCH of CH's J Cross' Checkers

Comb Ch Happy Hollow's Rambler x Low Country's Reba Again
Whelped July 23, 2002

OFA Fair

Checkers made a very solid competitor in almost any venue. He is a dog with the drive and willingness to do anything asked of him. He repeatedly proved himself to be a solid bay dog in any event, from A Bay to Treeing. The only working event he never competed in is the cowdog trials. He suffered a severe broken leg that required 2 major surgeries so we decided to use him in baying competitions only. His pleasant attitude, excellent temperament and willingness to give 150% has endeared him to us as a very special dog.


Checkers has 45 NALC Championship points in Conformation, 43 points in A Bay, 45 in B Bay and 59 in Treeing.

Checkers has retired from NALC Conformation, B Bay and Treeing competition. He retires as a Conformation Champion, a Conformation Grand Champion of Champions, a B Bay Champion, a B Bay Grand Champion of Champions, a Treeing Champion and a Treeing Grand Champion 
of Champions and a CHDA A Bay Champion. His NALC, CHDA and Open Bay career has been a total pleasure.

Since he's the mascot of the team, and he'll still join the crew on their ventures to various show grounds, you will find him trying his hand at obedience.

Checkers has also proven himself in his abilities as a sire. He consistently passes a very solid working drive with the zing and pizazz for the show ring, carrying not only to his pups, but on into his grandpups as well, with his get earning, to date, over 250 NALC points, CHDA points in nearly every venue as well as in the open bay pen, woods and field where it really counts. That list includes Championship Point Earners, Champions and Grand Champions in Conformation, A Bay, B Bay, Treeing, Weight Pull and Lure Coursing.

Checkers had his retirement "party" at the 2011 CHDA Nationals - this is the one and only video I have of him baying a hog. At 9 1/2 years old, he knows he's not as quick and nimble as he once was, but his heart won't let him not do his job. Winning 2nd place in the 2011 Top Ten for his grand finale' - he passes the hat to the next generation for working, he still "reigns" as "king of the hill" at Catahoulaville.

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