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J Cross' Clutch

We expect big things out of this young man. He's already showing the style, the grit, the heart and the temperament of his sire. By six months of age, he was placing in NALC events....we don't expect him to back up. His happy go lucky personality will be fun to watch when he 
explodes in the working events, he's one of the happiest dogs I've ever seen. Our only fear is the explosion he carries may be a little too much heat for the show arena. Clutch started his cowdog career in December 2008 in as rough of conditions as a dog can handle, on cattle that had been out for months, essentially free roaming, that did not want to "go home". He handled the job like a seasoned vetran, at a time that it really counted. He is a hard hitting, serious to the bone, head dog. He has lots of circle but if the cattle fight, he's all over it. His hip x-ray was a tremendous disappointment, but it will never diminish the worth of the dog in our hearts. On "paper" he's not sound, but he works his heart out at every opportunity. We will continue to hunt him, show him in hog baying events as well as in cowdog trials.

Clutch has 5 NALC Championship points in Conformation and 37 points in A Bay as of November 2009

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